Jade Sydney Atkinson

Jade was born on the 6th November 2011 at 30 weeks and 3 days gestation due to 2 very bad infections that i contracted while being pregnant with her, one was H.Influenza and the other one was an infection in my amniotic fluide starting with Chrono (sorry not to sure what the word is called)

When Jade was born she wasn’t moving, her first apgar was only 4 then the next 2 were both 8, the first 2 weeks of life for Jade were touch and go, after being diagnosed with Meningitis and pneumonia a couple of days after birth, and to be told that Jade had 2 blood clots in the top two ventricals in her brain, that we would more than likely not be bringing her home,

Jade started to pick up and go great guns with everything, moved up to special care out of the ICU, then all of a sudden she started to have seizures, and go down hill from there, though now we are facing the possibility of brain damage for jade due to the brain bleed and clots,

Jade is stable now and breastfeeding though the extent of the damage and when we can bring her home is still un known



I finally got my hands on Jades discharge report here is the first lot


Principal condition treated: Ex- prem baby (born at 30+3 weeks corrected age 3 weeks + 3 days at time of admission)Admitted for investigation of possible seizure.
-found by mother to be lethargic, difficult to rouse and limp after rousing
-on day 11 of life had 2x generalised tonic clonic seizure while at Mater Hospital, treated with phenobarbitone but not prescribed for regular use

other Conditions present :- Pre-term at 30+3 weeks, spen 6 weeks in ICU/SCN
-treated with 3 days of IV ABs after birth for possible Chorioamnionitis
– Head USS at 5 days of life showed moderate ventricular dilation in yhr lateral & thisrd ventricles. repeat USS at day 28 showed ventriculomegaly resolving.
-EEG at day 18 no abnormalities detected
– Head MRI at day 41 showed:
1) lateral ventricular size limit of normal
2) old mulifocal petechial hemorrhages and intraventricular hemorrhages possibly secondary to a bleeding diathesis

thats all i can type out at the moment i will type more out later

Here is a photo of my little miss



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