Witching hour at its worse 😱😱😱😱

Ok so we can’t be the only ones there has to be others out there in the same boat!!!
Though why does it always seem like a nightmare to get an infant to sleep of a night…. Bub normally goes down between 6 and 7pm though for the past week he has been a total nightmare…. He is teething, though we have an amber necklace on him we give him teething gel and nurofen about 10 to 15 minutes before bed, he takes his bottle and about half the time he goes straight to sleep…. Though the other half of the time he just screams and I mean ear piercing screams I would rather hear nails being ran down a chalk board!!!

So we go in to him make sure he is ok though he just keeps screaming there is nothing wrong with him… Is anyone else in the same boat??? Any tips would be great


Childhood reminders


I honestly can’t he the only one who remembers these….. I used to live these as a child I would use them all the time. Though I wonder if Crayola still make these I haven’t seen them in years… Maybe they do though I’m just blind lmfao!!!!!

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Looting is a Response, Not an Opportunity

Why do people have to do this for….

Scott Woods Makes Lists

We need to reexamine looting.

Regarding its critics, let me start by saying that, at the level of determining solid community building options, critics of looting are right: it’s not productive. What is built from looting? Not much. Certainly nothing in the concrete world. On top of that, looting is illegal. It is against the law to break into a building and take what’s inside of it out. I don’t think anybody is confused about that, or believes that taking things out of a liquor store or burning down a Little Caesars should be confused with an urban renewal initiative. None of this, however, means that looting has no merit as an act.

Looting is a response, not an opportunity. Looting doesn’t randomly happen. Looting is what happens after something else has happened to a group of people that feel disenfranchised. There are not bands of random black people running…

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Social media 👎👏👎💣⭐️

Social media used to be for catching up with friends and family, sharing stories and photos etc, though now it’s just gone out of control.
People can stalk you on it, or use things against you because of it,

Everyone has had the decision regarding how social media should be used, I have been very guilty of venting on it or trying to get some form of attention on it, though I have realised it causes nothing but drama,

One thing that really grinds my gears about it, is that I will forward thing on there that I see whether it’s a funny forward, a video or a post that I do find funny, or if it touches home for me, sometimes I post things that really make me angry as well, though it always seems to offend someone they always take it to heart and think it’s about them, and I’m the type of person if it is to do with someone I will tag them in it, I can’t help it if it makes someone else feel guilty etc, as they say if the shoe fits then wear it 👣👣👣

I have to hold back on a lot of things that I post as it really upsets people though I don’t see why I should have to it’s my personal page I think if people don’t like it then there is an “unfriend” button though I don’t know if they keep me as a friend just to see if they can cause more drama or just to stalk my page, I’m sure others have felt like this as well

Though I am guilty of posting thing as I know it will annoy people and because they want to keep their nose in my business they won’t unfriend me, that goes for family and friends, I have people on there that only have me added to see what goss they can find out to tell others, I think that’s pretty pathetic as well,

Has anyone else have any thoughts on social media??? If so I would love to hear about them

Have a great day 🌹🌹🌹


I must say that what someone says to you can effect you in different ways. I’m a total hypocritical person with this as I honestly don’t think before I speak therefore I don’t think about the impact that my words can have on a person….

The good old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, though names will never hurt me”

I think that it is incorrect  And I am somewhat guilty of this to. I know for a fact some things that I have said have really hurt the people I have said then to. And the same goes for other people with what they have said to me

I guess you must always be mindful of what you say to another person as some words can hurt and cut deep like a knife through butter

Though at the end of the day it comes down to the golden rule
Treat others how you would like to be treated

daily thoughts of Sarah

Domonic Bryce Guy Atkinson

Domonic was born at 34+4 weeks gestation
He was born at 4:37am in the 22 March 2014 he was 1966g was 46cm long and had a head circumference of 32cm

My waters broke at 1:30am on the 22nd when the ambulance finally made it to the hospital I was 5 cm dilated due to my history of bleeding during child birth they started a drip to speed up the labor though I made sure they gave me an epidural first, I had the green whistle in the ambulance, the gas (was turned up to the highest it would go) I had also received a pethadine injection song had the works,
When Dom was first born he was having problems breathing, later on I found out that he had started to turn septic, due to my Waters leaking at 11 weeks and having a very small leak on and off that the hospital didn’t pick up

I had my current partner Jordan and his mum there during the delivery and both of them were amazing for it, offered all the support that they could and Jordan didn’t leave my side other than once when I kicked him out to go and have a smoke, after domonic was born Jordan stayed right beside me the whole time I was in hospital

Domonic spent roughly 3 weeks in hospital before he was discharged to come home,

Saying “I do


when two people decided to “tie the knot” or say “I Do” I believe that it should be the real deal,
To many people these days are getting married just for something to do, or because they think they are In love. They rush into it. What ever happened to dating for a while then being engaged for a while then getting married???

I can speak from knowledge about this I was married at 21 and was only engaged for less than 6 months it wasn’t a shot gun wedding though we rushed into it, and now 7 years later I’m trying my hardest to get divorced, I “thought” that I was in love with my ex husband though being young and foolish I really didn’t know what love was,

If and a very big IF I ever get married again I want it to be the real thing, the whole getting down on one knee and being asked and truly feeling the love of of the person who is asking me, not like last time, my ex proposed to me while he was in the shower while we were having an argument

I want it to be with someone who I WANT to spend the rest of my life with, I want it to be with someone who makes me whole, and who is my everything, also someone who loves me for me and doesn’t try to make me into someone I am not,

Marriage is meant to be a special occasion between two people who are in love, it is a legally combining contract that you sign to love the other person in sickness and in health for better or worse etc….. Not to just give up when the going gets tough…..

I’m currently going through a nasty divorce one I can’t wait for it to go through and looking back on it and the way I feel now I honestly don’t think I was ever “in love” I knew my ex husbands mother really didn’t like me and most of his family hated me and to be honest most of my family didn’t like him either so I can honestly say I’m pretty sure I got married out of spite….

The way I feel know for my current partner I have never felt for anyone ever before, even though we fight about trivial crap and every day things, I would be lost with out him, as he makes me feel whole, he has seen me at my worse and possibly at my best (we have only been together for 15 months) we have been through a lot already and as much as I get angry and annoyed at things that he does and want to pull my hair out at times I really wouldn’t change it for the world

Now this post isn’t meaning for me to hint at anything though myself my partner and my friend were sitting down and talking about it and it has inspired me to write this post,

I just honestly think people rush into it and also spend way to much, though in saying that it’s meant to be something that only happens once so why not make your special day something to remember,

So to conclude this post if it ever does happen again I want it to be to the right person and I want it to be romantic, I want it to be a day I will NEVER forget nor will I ever want to forget