What in the world


Bloody hell why on earth would anyone even search for this???? Are there people out there so screwed up in the head……

Rape is a very serious thing not something to be googling and reading up on I feel sick to the stomach over this

daily thoughts of Sarah



Karma is a very powerful thing and I believe in it well and truly,

If you do good, you get something nice in return, it might not always happen straight away though still you receive it back


If you do something bad, karma will turn around and make you have it back, usually it it worse than what you done already



SO in this case i really HOPE karma turns around and bites you on the butt and stings you as hard as she can, it will teach you throw around accusations that are not true


I don’t think i could get any more angry than what i am now, i don’t think the person/s know just how much trouble or grieve they have caused my self and my immediate family, though i hope you are happy, In some ways i shouldn’t be angry as i know the tables will turn and you will get it back and in all honesty i hope it is at least 2 fold.


How would you/they like it if we made the same accusations about them,  Dont worry you tried to stay anonymous though we know who you are,

How Hard

This makes me so mad… i turn red every time i find out, though HOW HARD is it to ask ME for an update on jade? It makes me so furious how people think they can give out an update to willy nilly, and not even check with me, some people do and i don’t mind that they do though thats because the have ASKED me first and not taken it upon themselves to give one, JADE is my daughter not YOURS, I am the one who sits with her, nearly all day most days, I am the one who calls the hospital for updates when i can not be there, I am the one with the information, not some other family member or friend, If you are so interested in MY daughter ask me for the updates,


Im sorry if that is harsh though i can not stand people taking it upon themselves to update others that i have no clue about, or when another mother at the hospital comes up to me and tells me that “such and such” told her all about my daughter, seriously… have you asked my permission???  I post updates on Facebook all the time, and updates in this blog all the time about Jade, How hard is it for people wanting to know more, to either txt, email or just come out and ask me,


When people give out information about Jade, that don’t REALLY know what is going on most of the time give out the WRONG information, or at least ask me for the information to give to the other person so you are at least giving the right information, i speak to the doctors ALMOST everyday so i post things once they have updated me, SO come to the horses mouth and ask not to every other tom dick or harry that they they have a clue,


Im so sorry though i am seeing RED, this gets me so ANGRY!