What in the world


Bloody hell why on earth would anyone even search for this???? Are there people out there so screwed up in the head……

Rape is a very serious thing not something to be googling and reading up on I feel sick to the stomach over this

daily thoughts of Sarah


Why bother

So I decided to re activate my Facebook account as I miss knowing how all my friends are and also as I need it for Sarah’s charms so I log on to find that people are bitching about me like wtf I haven’t been on for like 5 days and people are still going on about shit I do and people have the audacity to tell me I have way to much time on my hands grow the hell up if it’s not bad enough that people have to cause problems for me they have to bitch in not doing a good enough job. I honestly hope u burn in hell I’ve had enough of people’s shit I do the best I can with what I have I would like to see you spend a day in my shoes you wouldn’t even last an hour you ungrateful piece of crap