Bryce’s butterflies

As Daniel and I were driving back from the movies today we passed a bunch of Bryces butterflies and I realised that I am at peace with his death, as much as I am heartbroken and feel empty and still cry I am somewhat at peace.

Thinking about things, I have 2 other beautiful boys and a very special daughter that I wouldn’t have now if bryce didn’t pass away I know that Sou do cruel though if it wasn’t for him passing the doctors wouldn’t of realised that I have a problem and that medical intervention is needed

My heart still feels shattered almost 5 years after his death though I honestly think that I can start piecing it back together,

I know that bryce is still around with his butterflies that are always there when they are needed the most and I see him in the faces of my 3 lovely children everyday

Just because he isn’t on this earth with me physically he is everywhere I look


Knowing What To Say

I am sitting here trying to write the description out for Sarah’s Charms and i am finding it hard, i know what i want to say though i am finding it hard to find the right words to say for it,

I am also getting a bit worried that when i take a photo of the Charms to put up that it isnt going to look like the charm, like the colour etc, due to flash or it will look blurry from being a close up


I really want to make this sound professional as i am genuine about doing this, I have also decided that i will be posting these bracelets out world wide,


It hopefully shouldnt be to much longer now before i receive my stock so i can get this up and running, i keep getting butterflies with it, so excited cant wait I just hope other people really like it,