Newest painting


Here is my newest painting I don’t know why I decided to put a big black whole in the middle of it, maybe because I feel like I’m missing something in my life I really don’t know to be honest

Though any feed back would gladly be appreciated


Full Of Emotions

I’m really sorry guys that i haven’t really posted a “good” post in a while i am just so full of emotions at the moment,

Its really hard to know were to start to get them them all out, though if you all have patients i will eventually get it all out and yeah be back to my normal self once again

On a side note this is now day 2 of no smoking, and so far it hasnt been to bad the mornings are a little rough though that passes once the patch kicks in.


so thats about it for now, i will possibly post more a little bit later tonight once i have a shower and a beer, might give me the courage to get it all off my chest