I have decided to really get stuck into my painting, I’m not claiming to be an artist or anything or to even have any talent at it, though I find it some what therapeutic and I enjoy putting the paint on the canvases if any of you are interested I have Facebook page that displays it all its called

Sarah’s painting creations

Feel free to have a look at it and even like or share it if you like what you see, my paintings all depend on my moods and what I am feeling at the time, a lot of them are up to the view to make sense of, they are abstract I guess you could say and. No 2 paintings are ever the same


Social media πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ’£β­οΈ

Social media used to be for catching up with friends and family, sharing stories and photos etc, though now it’s just gone out of control.
People can stalk you on it, or use things against you because of it,

Everyone has had the decision regarding how social media should be used, I have been very guilty of venting on it or trying to get some form of attention on it, though I have realised it causes nothing but drama,

One thing that really grinds my gears about it, is that I will forward thing on there that I see whether it’s a funny forward, a video or a post that I do find funny, or if it touches home for me, sometimes I post things that really make me angry as well, though it always seems to offend someone they always take it to heart and think it’s about them, and I’m the type of person if it is to do with someone I will tag them in it, I can’t help it if it makes someone else feel guilty etc, as they say if the shoe fits then wear it πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

I have to hold back on a lot of things that I post as it really upsets people though I don’t see why I should have to it’s my personal page I think if people don’t like it then there is an “unfriend” button though I don’t know if they keep me as a friend just to see if they can cause more drama or just to stalk my page, I’m sure others have felt like this as well

Though I am guilty of posting thing as I know it will annoy people and because they want to keep their nose in my business they won’t unfriend me, that goes for family and friends, I have people on there that only have me added to see what goss they can find out to tell others, I think that’s pretty pathetic as well,

Has anyone else have any thoughts on social media??? If so I would love to hear about them

Have a great day 🌹🌹🌹

But slack

So I’ve been a bit slack and gone back on my word I haven’t done a post everyday like I said I would πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

So to update with what’s going on, domonic is now almost 10 months old he is 9.5kgs as well. I have started a health kick to put weight on and in less than a week I have put on 1kg though for most that’s not a big deal though for me it is as I seem to loose weight just like that

I’m still trying to come to terms with my dreams as they are scary as hell. Mostly they are very gory dreams of Bryce or really bad things happening to him, though I’ve been taking my mess like clock work though I have a feeling they will need to be upped…..

I’m trying my hardest to keep all the negative people out of my life and to remain positive though the great thing is that the trash took its self out on Facebook so one less thing I have to worry about

I’m really starting to get into my gardening I have made a compost bin and replanted some seeds, my aim is to dig up most of the front/side lawn and plant a whole heap there so we can live off the land

Anyway domonic is starting to crack up as its his bed time so might post some later

What right?

Why do people think that they have the right to come my person page in Facebook and think they know better than me about my kids
What gives them the right to tell me I shouldn’t have my kids and that I don’t put them first like seriously you HAVE NO IDEA about me or my children or what they get up to though that’s right just because they were not born with silver spoons shoved up their ass I don’t put them first……..
My kids get the very best care, they are always in clean clothes, they have a nice warm clean bed to sleep in, they are have their bellies full and they have a mother and father who love them very much
I have quiet often gone with out so my kids could have what they need
And to turn around and tell me I’m not thankful for them where the hell do you get off,
Remove your head from your ass and get the fuck over your self centred self
I lost a child then had another one at 25 weeks and watched him fight for his life for 88days until he was allowed to come home with us, then I had another one at 33 weeks who I had to spend 10 weeks prior in hospital with due to complications and contractions and then had a little girl who was born at 30 weeks with some quiet bad health concerns who could pass away at any day with the brain problems she has…. So thank you very fucking much I am so thankful and grateful for my children and every day I have with them….. So what they piss me off with being naughty and throwing tantrums biting hitting throwing things and because I need to vent that means I’m not grateful of thankful fucking wake up lady……

The Week That Was

I have been finding as the days get on i just don’t have enough time to do what i would like to do, and in saying that i am finding myself becoming more and more stressed, between appointments, kids, looking fr work, writing a book and general house duties there really isn’t any time to catch up with people, though mind you no one really wants to catch up any how, I quit my last Job due to the hours and also the stress from it, though like normal its just because i cant hold down a job, i have applied for over 100 jobs, though i guess my resume just dosnt look as good as others,


I really want to work from home as i now have my own ABN though i really have no idea what to do, or what would be any good

I have started to plan Jades 1st birthday party, though i have a feeling hardly anyone is going to show up like normal, i give plenty of notice, though still people can not make an effort, though i am very glad for the people who ave said yes that they are coming as i KNOW they will show up, Its funny howΒ  people have a go at you as you never take the time to see them, though they forget that i have 3 children i need to bring with me and pack for and all that Jazz, its not that simple to just put kids in the car and go, though i guess im just the selfish one…


Starting to go through my friends list on facebook, going to cull it down some, im over reading some of the pathetic crap i do read… some people might think the same about what i write so they can just delete me, im really not going to loose any sleep at al over it

Mystery Satchels of Clothing

I have started up a new home business,Β  Where i made up random mystery satchels full of supre clothing, that still has it tags on, they are brand new never been worn, only thing is it has a mark through the barcode,

At the moment the cloths come in a 3kg satchel, though son i will be doing packs in a 3kg and 5 kg satchel, all clothes are random though they re al of one size, at the moment i am selling a mystery satchel of size “s” clothing

the packs are worth if not exceeding $200 worth of value, and you can get any items from Skirts, Top, Shirts, Pant, Shorts, Jackets, Skirts, the pack i have selling at the moment is here


Sizes of packs will either be XXS, XS, S, M, L and possibly XXL



I have also started up a new Facebook page as well Mystery Satchels Of Clothing feel free to check it out

Love thy Family part 2

Back to the days of our lives saga……

SO i have one family member who thinks they are king shit and more, she started shit on my Facebook page ages ago for the first time regarding the death of my son, i don’t remember every single piece of it, though it was pretty much along the lines that i should be over my sons death, mind you this one fight started about 2 years ago, SHe has lost a child due to SIDS mine was still born, and as harsh as this sound at least she got to bond with her child at least she got to take her child home to start with and have it be part f the family before the child passed away (cant remember if it was a boy or a girl) i didnt get to do any of that, the day i left the hospital i had to leave my son behind i walked out of that hospital lucky to have my life, and childless and heart broken, though after we made up over that fight she then got on inbox/chat thing on facebook and told me that we should make up an argument a very heated argument to see what others would say ad to stir things up (2 faced much) i didnt do it as i knew it would cause my nan stress that wasnt needed)

though getting back to this fight that has only just really started, my sister was in hospital sick, some medication that the dentist i think it was almost killed her it was poisoning her and i wasn’t aware i didn’t know that she was in, this family member abused the living shit out of me because i didn’t see or seem to care how my sister was, though i don’t go around stalking peoples Facebook pages, i was also in hospital sick myself and so was my daughter, My sister hardly ever posts anything on facebook, like status wise, and when she does it usually gets hidden with game posts that go through my news feed,Β  and same with her page so i didnt kow as soon as i was told what was going on with her iΒ  checked to see how she was and kept asking every day after until she was back home and ok,

though this tough family member had to post this

one little relly of mine should really read her status and apply it to herself, she has lots of friends on FB, if only they knew..just wondering if i slapped the back of her head long enough,,,could her 2nd face show up!! i respected my parents no matter what,wish she would…..just sayin’

I would honestly like to see her try… for one she would have the cops called on her and secondly i would no doubt smack her one back, She is FAR from welcome at my house, if she ever stepped foot on my property i would have her charged with trespassing i don’t care if she is family she is only family via blood that’s it

Though yeah wanna talk about being 2 faced??? she wanted her and I to started a nasty argument just to see what peoples reaction would be as she thought it would fun, My nan Hates it and i mean HATES it when the family fights… though yeah 2 faced alright, so now that’s the second family member that is now out of my life for good, washed my hands and my heart of them

So now because of all thisΒ  (i think only because of this) my nan has deleted me off Facebook, though that’s her choice, because she has now deleted and blocked me i haven’t called to see how she is or how my pop is going, as i don’t even know if she would answer

so now days of our lives episode 2 has now come to an end stay tuned for episode 3